So, what’s the deal with this whole “Dancing Accountant” thing?

Fun story.  Nancy is a member of The Janes, a professional dance troupe that specializes in 1960’s-style go-go dancing (think “These Boots Are Made For Walking”, Surf Rock, The Zombies, Sam Cooke’s “Shake”, The Sonics, etc.).  Once, at a go-go themed dance party/ picnic at Unity Park in Logan Square, Nancy ran into a client who was there with her kids and who said, “look, it’s the dancing accountant!”  The name stuck, and since then, The Janes have had the honor of dancing at a few of Nancy’s clients’ events throughout the city, as well as at their regular gigs.

Recently, John Garrett of The Recovering CPA interviewed Nancy for his Green Apple Podcast, on the topic of how dancing has made a difference in her professional life, and Accounting Today even picked up the news in their publication.  Have a listen here.

The Janes



This, on the other hand, is NOT Nancy:
The Other Dancing Accountant
But she thinks he’s hilarious, and they’ve enjoyed chatting on facebook, trading stories.  He’s Australian, and a comic genius.