IDES IL Unemployment “TaxNet” Switches to IDOR MyTaxIllinois

Happy news! If you have ever gone through the tiring process of registering a new business with both the Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois Department of Employment Security, then you know what this fabulous step toward modernization means. Starting September 11, IDES processes (registering, filing returns and paying taxes and fees) will all be available as part of the IDOR MyTaxIllinois website instead of the old IDES “TaxNet”.

The old IDES process was long and cumbersome, involving many steps, whereas some years ago IDOR simplified their processes using this excellent website. It allows you to see all your tax correspondence and account balances online, you receive confirmation that reports and payments have been received/processed, and you can access copies of tax letters and correspondence. (It’s especially excellent for accountant relationships with clients who may have challenges opening or losing mail.)

Soon, IDES will also offer these features on the MyTaxIllinois website:

  • Request refunds online
  • Submit tax appeals electronically
  • Request penalty/interest waivers
  • Set up a deferred payment plan
  • Submit Power of Attorney relationships
  • Report zero quarterly wages
  • View your rates

For those of you who have struggled with their system before, and for those who know how well the MyTaxIllinois system is organized by comparison — then you’re aware of what a treat this is. For the rest of you… trust me.

If you already have a MyTax Illinois account, starting in September 2017, you will have access to your unemployment insurance account to begin your third quarter processing. If you have any questions, please contact the IDES Employer Hotline at 1-800-247-4984.

Source: IDES – Unemployment_Taxes_and_Reporting

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