Tips from ‘Accounting Today’ on Securing Client Data

The Security Summit, a partnership between the IRS, state tax agencies and the private sector tax industry, is sharing information and tips aimed at tax professionals that help them protect their clients’ data from those who would try to hack into the data they use to file their clients’ taxes.

In addition to this advice from the IRS, Accounting Today offers seven specific things you can start doing now to help you protect client data:

1. Audit your data protection practices
2. Make sure your clients know about email security
3. Don’t ignore physical security
4. Is your WiFi secure?
5. Are your files regularly backed up?
6. Prohibit employees from accessing client data on their personal computers
7. Encourage your clients to take an active role in monitoring their data security

See the full article for more info: 7 tips for keeping client data secure | Accounting Today.

By taking a proactive approach to protect your clients’ data, rather than waiting for a successful attack on your accounting practice, you can potentially avoid the financial harm your clients could experience should their data be stolen.

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