Best Small Business Blogs of 2017

I’m proud to announce that once again this blog was chosen as one of‘s Best Accounting Blogs of 2017.  This year, they took all their “best of” blogs for small businesses and sub-divided them into fields, such as accounting, retail, finance, marketing, e-commerce, tech, insurance, real estate, legal, etc.  It’s solid one-stop shopping for the entrepreneur wanting to research topics that affect them.

As was the case last year, I’m especially pleased to be included in such impressive company, such as The Accountex Report (formerly the Sleeter Technology blog) and StacyK Academy (a favorite resource and speaker).

I started this blog as a space to store and index my research on various client accounting and tax issues somewhere within reach and easy-to-find, where others in my situation might also benefit from it.  I had no idea it would develop such a following.  The best part about the information age is being able to share our knowledge and experiences with each other — thanks for contributing!

Source: The Best Small Business Blogs of 2017

2 thoughts on “Best Small Business Blogs of 2017”

    1. Sure do! One of my favorites is the Sleeter Group blog (now Accountex) —

      And I love Accounting Today’s rich and free trove of articles —

      I also follow Tony Nitti’s column in Forbes —

      And I check in on Journal of Accountancy at least once-a-month —

      Lastly, Michelle Long and Hector Garcia’s free QB webinar series is not to be missed —

      So many great ones out there — blogs and newsletters, articles — but it’s such a crowded community that sometimes it can be hard to sort out the most valuable. If you can narrow down your goals and interests, that helps a lot.

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