Interview on the new Green Apple Podcast highlighted in Accounting Today

A month ago, I received an intriguing email from a guy named John Garrett — a CPA-turned-comedian who gives frequent keynote addresses, and who is working on a podcast and book about accountants who stand out in their careers: in part due to being recognized for their interesting hobbies.  One of the fine folks at had suggested to him at a recent conference that he speak with me.

Turns out we got along really well — he’s an engaging, funny person and asks interesting questions, and he interviewed me for his Green Apple Podcast (as the folks he hopes to highlight stand out, “like green apples in a red-apple world”).  It went so well, in fact, that he decided to feature me as his first interviewee when the podcast went live this past week.  Quite the honor — and as if that weren’t enough, Accounting Today picked up the news and mentioned me in their post!

If you’re a fellow accountant, I strongly recommend this podcast series.  The first three episodes are up now, and they really are inspiring and entertaining.  And if you’re not a fellow accountant, I suggest you listen anyway — much of what John’s trying to share is generally applicable, especially if you’re in the corporate world and feel disconnected from your colleagues.  He also speaks a lot about how we can inspire each other to share, to follow our dreams, and to conquer fears.  Can’t wait to hear more from this series.  Check it out here.



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