Podcasts for CPAs

I wanted to share a short and sweet little article from the American Institute of CPAs on podcasts that are popular among “young CPAs” (I don’t know what their demographics are, or why they’d angle it this way, but I’m 44 and I love some of these):

Listen to This! – AICPA

I’m especially a fan of Steve Bragg’s publications and was glad to see that he’s got a regular podcast.

And of course, I want to plug John Garrett’s Green Apple Podcast — not only is it entertaining, but I was his first interviewee back when he started publishing episodes!  I think he’s about 50 podcasts in, and the insights just keep coming.


Access “QuickBooks Self-Employed” (QBSE) Clients from QBOA

Big news for accountants using the QuickBooks Online Accountant program, from my favorite QB blogger, Charlie Russell:

Now you can access QuickBooks Self-Employed from QuickBooks Online Accountant. All your clients will be located in one centralized list.

However, an important warning — although you may have clients who signed up on their own for QuickBooks Self-Employed (in which case it’s obviously super-helpful to have them show up in your list of QBOA clients), QBSE is NOT a full-featured accounting program.  Furthermore, unlike the rest of the world of QuickBooks products (desktop and online), QBSE cannot be converted into a QuickBooks full-featured version of any of their accounting software.

This means that as accountants, we have a duty to warn clients and potential clients against this program.  The costs, time and trouble to “start over” with only summary info for prior years, or even higher costs, time and trouble to re-import transactional data into a version of QuickBooks that will work properly from an accounting perspective is not worth the cost-savings of starting with QBSE.

That said: for those clients who somehow already got themselves into this situation, at least now, we as accountants will be able to access their files with all of our other QBO client files.

More here, at the original article:

Access QuickBooks Self-Employed from QuickBooks Online Accountant – Accountex Report

New QuickBooks Online Reporting – A Guide

Okay, so Intuit says, “we improved reports to make them more professional looking and easier to customize.”  I am not a fan.  Any time I have to click more times to get to the data or the reports I need than I had to click previously, it’s NOT an improvement.

Nevertheless, onward.  The change is coming, and I’ve had a sneak preview for a while… I got the notice today that these reports are rolling out to my clients this week.  (You may already have them or it may be a while longer, as they tend to roll out changes in batches.)

I do, however, think that Intuit did a nice job with their guide to the new (and “improved”) reports — Improved QuickBooks reports • QuickBooks Online — complete with screen shots and step-by-step instructions (for things that should take you fewer steps; grrr).

But don’t blame me if you don’t like the new reports.  Blame Apple.  ;)

Best Accounting Blogs of 2016

FitSmallBusiness Best Accouting Blog 2016I couldn’t possibly be prouder than to announce that The Dancing Accountant’s blog has been chosen as one of the Best Accounting Blogs of 2016!  And it’s not just an exciting honor — it’s a humbling one, as many of the blogs that I read regularly (and in fact, that I link to from my own) were also chosen for the list.  Many of the colleagues I respect most, whose presentations I attend at my favorite conferences, are also on the list.  Industry leaders and technology gurus, software companies and app specialists, and quite a few niche CPAs made the list, too.  And with company like that… <blush>… I have to say that I am indeed, quite proud to have been tapped as well.

I’d like to thank the folks at Fit Small Business and encourage you to check out their site — they offer a comprehensive array of Buyer’s Guides and a pretty solid blog of their own, as well as a list of the Best Small Business Blogs of 2016.

I started this blog as a space to save my research on various client accounting and tax issues somewhere within reach and easy-to-find, where others in my situation might also benefit from it.  I had no idea it would develop such a following.  The best part about the information age is being able to share our knowledge and experiences with each other — thanks for reading!